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Video time lapse,
Hi - definition capture, display and distribution systems. Audio System Performance


HDMI & HD-SDI signal system testing

    If you are moving digital video and audio, you know the problems that copy protection (HDCP) and format handshaking (EDID) can cause.  And what about lip-sync?  Every time you add a source or a destination, or incorporate a switch matrix, you need to manage key control and quality control (maximize) your display resolutions.

    Let us verify your existing system resolutions and formats (including 3D), ID and FIX your blackout faults, or design a transmission system for you that provides you with the highest resolutions available for the equipment of your choice (and at the distance you need).

    We also write Narratives, evaluate proposals (RFPs) and do quality control project management.

    Contact us with your project question and ideas.


source and display reports, HDMI 1.4 & VGA

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