DIVICA - Digital Video Capture and Testing


Video time lapse,
Hi - definition capture, display and distribution systems


Time Lapse and Photo Monitoring Systems

    Our systems are robust and the results are immediately verifiable!  We can sell or rent you a weatherized system for the video-documentation of events over any period of time. 

    Remote management requires access to power and a "solid" internet or network, ensuring you the ability to monitor, adjust and download your pictures, to assemble into a motion video. 

    Frame rates can start at a picture every 5 seconds.  The resolution is selectable as is the aspect ratio.  As Administrator, you can view (and manage) the results BOTH in real time and as a collection of pictures on a web browser.  And as you create a time-lapse archive, you can simultaneously post the latest images live to your website!

    If you have limited bandwidth or budget, and are looking for "snaps", our webcam solutions may be useful. With no sacrifice in image quality, optionally select a schedule, use motion sense, archive and just let it roll directly onto your webpage!

    Whether you are building, managing a construction project, or seeking to document visual changes in your world, contact us for samples, ideas and a quote.

    And if you're looking for full motion, live & in-real-time video services (streaming and teleconferencing), visit us here.


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